Electric superbike inspired by 60s café racers fuses dynamic stance and classy personality into a racing Greek god

Electric bikes need not always have larger-than-life designs. They can also have that definitive golden era influence. This fact is apparent from Robert Turner’s latest concept design which strikes the right balance between futuristic elegance and nostalgic euphoria.

Embrace this electric superbike concept inspired by the glitz of the ’60s café racers and the grandeur of European plate armors. The latter is a pretty unrelated stimulus to create superbike of the future.

Designer: Robert Turner

The superbike has a backward stance like a wild cat ready to ambush its prey in the grasslands. The British digital artist captures the essence of fuel-powered counterparts and fuses it into a no-emission two-wheeler with artistic elegance. The extended wheelbase reassures stability at high speeds while ample space for the electric battery ensures a respectable range. Those large-sized fairings ensure aerodynamic efficiency while keeping the raw weight down.

Elongated form just like Phillippe Starck’s Aprilia Motò 6.5 cannot be denied as Robert takes a detour from conventional electric bike designs of the current generation that are heavily weighted towards sharp looks and sci-fi aesthetics. That said, there is not a strong enough reason to make a switch from fuel-powered racing monsters to the electric superbike options currently on the market. This electric superbike wants to achieve driver engagement and even surpass it with this dynamic design.

The focus of this electric concept superbike design is clearly on personality and not functionality. After all speed demons crave everything that touches the heart and are not bothered about the inherent utility. Robert has placed focus on the driver with a forward leaning position and the lesser weight of the machine means it’s highly agile in cornering as well. The concept fuses an intimidating racing stance with the no-frills design language that all motorheads will find solace in at the end of the day when this baby is parked in the see-through garage of a swanky mansion.