McDonalds ‘Outshines’ Tesla with their Metal “CyberSpoon” for the McFlurry

Have you ever looked at the Cybertruck and thought “Hmmm… cutlery”? Apparently someone at McDonalds’ China Office did.

Limited to just 50,000 units, these spoons are only available in select McDonalds outlets across China. Created as a partnership between the golden arches company and Tesla’s China team, the Cyberspoon comes with its own storage tube that has “powered by Tesla” stamped on the end. Even Elon Musk dubbed it as a probable fake on X (formerly known as Twitter), only to realize it wasn’t a fan-made parody!

Designers: McDonalds & Tesla

The spoon comes stamped out of sheet metal, with the iconic geometric pattern popularized by the Cybertruck in 2019. The words “Don’t Panic” are etched onto the spoon’s stem, and the metallic piece of cutlery sports a brushed finish from top to bottom, quite like its inspiration.

This isn’t the first time Tesla’s Chinese operation has launched a weird Cyber-themed product. Earlier this year the automaker even announced a similarly angular cat nest made from cardboard. The spoon’s limited to a few thousand units, so getting your hands on them probably won’t be easy. Tesla’s Weibo account announced the Cyberspoon starting at just 30 yuan (around $4). If you’ve got more to spare, consider buying a Cyberwhistle instead…