Bluevua Takes Drinking Water Purity to the Next Level: Compact 5-Stage RO Purifier for Your Tabletop

As a practice, I NEVER drink direct tap water. Sure, it’s accepted as clean, but there’s a significant molecular difference between tap water and drinking water. Water coming out of the tap usually has a higher concentration of minerals like limestone and iron, and chemicals from treatment plants like chlorine. Often termed as ‘hard water’ this isn’t good for your body, which is why it almost always needs to be purified. The best way, hands down, to purify hard water with a high TDS count (total dissolved solids) is using a process called Reverse Osmosis… but RO filters/purifiers are large, bulky, and often requires plumbing work during installation. Nevertheless, the ROPOT-Lite from Bluevua is doing something refreshingly different.

Designer: Bluevua

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Designed as a countertop purifier, the ROPOT-Lite is about the same size as your coffee machine. However, underneath its surface is a comprehensive water filter with 5-stage purification, and the purifier even comes with a borosilicate carafe that collects the water for you at the end of the filtration cycle.

5-in-1 Filter – Their filtration unit is certified by SGS and the RO membrane inside is certified by NSF/ANSI 58.

A perfect appliance for a household with 1-2 people, the ROPOT-Lite filters out 1.2 liters at a time, always ensuring you have a filled carafe of water at hand. Unlike most filters, it requires no conventional ‘installation’, and works right out of the box once you plug its power cable into the socket. Fill up the ROPOT-Lite’s reservoir with tap water and it gets to work, filtering it out and dispensing it into the carafe. The 5-step filtration process removes particles as small as 0.0001 μm, trapping everything from sediment to bacteria/viruses and even heavy metal ions, giving you cleaner water than your tap could ever provide.

Rapid Water Delivery & Water-saving – Produces water at a 3:1 ratio of filtered water to waste. This is 375% more effective than other model.

The way an RO filter conventionally works is by filtering water into ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ water. While this method of filtration is deemed the most effective, RO filters, by nature, create ‘waste water’ that needs to be disposed. The ROPOT-Lite does too, but has a remarkable 3:1 ratio for clean to dirty water, creating less waste than most RO filters. The disposable water, although not suited for drinking, is perfect for other kinds of use like washing your car, cleaning, or watering trees in your backyard.

Smart LED Display – Shows you the service of your filters while also showing you the water quality.

Fruit Infusions & Smart Reminders – The machine comes with six flavored water recipes.

Each Bluevua ROPOT-Lite comes with a control panel on top that lets you dispense water into the carafe, check the reservoir’s water level, monitor your tap water’s TDS levels, and even manually flush the system to ensure it’s filtering properly. The RO filter sits in a compartment right beside the control panel, and can be ejected and replaced almost like a battery pack or a coffee pod. Meanwhile, the carafe isn’t just for holding water, an optional infuser lets you also directly infuse fruits, citruses, and cucumber into your water, and markings on the side of your carafe serve as hydration reminders, with a timeline that helps you track your drinking habits!

The ROPOT-Lite’s relatively compact form factor (measuring 10″x10″ wide and deep, and 14″ in height) makes it perfect for pretty much any countertop. Plug it into your kitchen counter, have it at your work desk, or your nightstand, or even living room – the ROPOT Lite works seamlessly and without any hiccups, purifying your water silently and effectively. Aside from reducing water waste (unlike most RO filters), it’s also built with a power-saving mode that conserves energy when not in use, saving on your electricity bill too. The 5-in-1 composite filter (certified by SGS) lasts up to a year with daily use, and can easily be replaced periodically. The $299 ROPOT-Lite (currently $194.05), comes in white or blue variants, and you can even grab a few extra RO filters or infuser inserts while you’re at it.

Click Here to Buy Now: $194.05 $299 ($104.95 off total with coupon code “05YANKOD”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!