How the Revopoint MIRACO brings a high-precision professional 3D scanner to the masses

3D printing might be wonderful and all that, but their usefulness pretty much depends on the designs that you feed them. Of course, some of these can be created using 3D modeling software, but when it comes to reproducing objects from the real world, nothing beats 3D scanning. That technology, however, has traditionally been out of reach of creatives, makers, and hobbyists because of its expensive price tags, bulky forms, and complicated controls. Thanks to advancements in technology and the rise of the maker culture, however, there has been an increased interest in the democratization of these tools to empower more people and help them make their creative dreams come true. That’s the kind of power that the new Revopoint MIRACO 3D scanner brings to the table, delivering pro-level features in a portable and accessible design.

Designer: Revopoint

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There is a growing number of 3D scanners available for hobbyists and prosumers, but most of them seem to fall on two extremes. On the one hand, you have powerful but bulky and expensive equipment that you can’t take out of studios. On the other hand, there are small portable devices that have limited applications, particularly for scanning smaller objects only. Building on the 3D vision technologies that brought the successful pocketable INSPIRE 3D scanner to the market, Revopoint is unleashing the new MIRACO 3D scanner to redefine what 3D scanners can offer.

At first glance, you might mistake the Revopoint MIRACO 3D for an extra-large camera, an intentional design decision that sparks familiarity and confidence in how to use the device. Its compact and lightweight (only 750g) body makes it portable and easy to use, while still cramming enough power, including a 2.4GHz octa-core processor and a 5,000 mAh battery, to handle any scanning use case, anywhere. Its all-in-one design means you don’t need to connect it to a phone or PC to use the MIRACO 3D scanner. It even has its own bright 6-inch 2K AMOLED display that can be flipped to 180 degrees, allowing you to scan from any angle, including selfies.

Single Shot – Make tracking loss and difficult-to-scan contrasting surfaces a thing of the past with MIRACO’s single-shot capture mode, making it a breeze to capture any object with ultra-accuracy.

Continuous Shot – When speed is a priority, continuous capture mode is ready to make light work of most small and big objects at up to 15 fps scanning speeds for fast 3D model creation.

Dynamic Accuracy – Get in close to capture fine details with a surgical accuracy of up to 0.05mm at 150mm, or take a step back to scan big objects fast with an accuracy of up to 0.5mm at 600mm.

Jaw-Dropping Color – Experience 3D model color vibrancy like never before with MIRACO’s 48-mega pixel RGB Camera, providing photorealistic single-shot and continuous color scans.

The MIRACO 3D scanner, however, isn’t just convenient. It is also oozing with features and capabilities you’d only encounter in larger and more expensive machines. At the very top of that list are the quad depth cameras that let you scan both large and small objects alike. The scanner also offers excellent single-frame precision of up to 0.02mm at a distance of 150mm and 0.2mm at a 600mm distance, as well as single-frame accuracy of up to 0.05 mm at a distance of 150mm and up to 0.5mm at 600mm distance. With its 48MP RGB camera and LED flash, you can capture not only the shape of the objects but also reproduce their colors and textures with impressive details.

With its convenient, portable design, easy-to-use controls, flexible modes, and powerful features, scanning any object of any size is a breeze. Whether you’re scanning car parts for reproduction, scanning art and designs for virtual worlds, or capturing objects for animation and games, the Revopoint MIRACO all-in-one 3D Scanner brings all the accuracy and power that you need to bring your creative vision to life, whenever and wherever the muses strike.

Click Here to Sign Up Now: Save 40%. Launching on Kickstarter Oct 25.