How the revolutionary SwitchBot S10 robot offers 100% hands-free and stress-free floor cleaning

Robot vacuum cleaners and mops all promise to relieve you from the stress of doing chores, but most of them only automate one part of the cleaning process. Yes, you don’t have to vacuum, sweep, or mop the floors yourself, but you still need to actually clean the robot’s parts on your own. Worse, you have to also drain the dirty water from the station’s tank, as if taking out the dustbin wasn’t unsanitary already. Futurists and visionaries would have us imagine a life where these intelligent machines could work with almost no human intervention at all. That might sound like a distant future and a pipe dream, but with the SwitchBot S10’s fully automated operations, that dream has finally become reality, bringing that ideal future to the present.

Designer: SwitchBot

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The world’s first easy-to-install cleaning robot that can refill and drain itself.

Automatically Refills Water & Adds Cleaning Solution – Need to mop the floor but S10 doesn’t have enough water? All it needs to do is take a quick visit to the Water Station to refill.

Self-drains to Prevent Bad Smells – S10 will automatically take all that yucky, mucky water and dispense it through the drainage system built into its Water Station, preventing bad smells from stagnant water.

Robot vacuum cleaners have long graduated from just sucking up dirt to also wiping the floors, but there’s still much to be desired when it comes to effortless and stress-free floor cleaning. It was only recently that these automated machines would clean their own mops, but it still required humans to empty out the tank of dirty water and refill the clean tank for its next use. That’s where the SwitchBot S10’s biggest innovation comes in, removing even that dirty work off your chores list. With one pipe connected to fresh clean water and another connected to your sewage drain, this fully automated floor-cleaning robot can drain the dirty water and refill itself with clean water all on its own.

Get Started in Just 3 Steps – Anyone can install S10 at home, and takes on average just 5 minutes to get going.

Place S10 Anywhere with a Water Supply – The Water Station provided is able to share the water supply of your dishwasher or washing machine through the three-way accessories we provide.

Installing the Water Station is nothing to fret about either. Using the three-way accessory provided by SwitchBot, it can share the water supply of your washing machine or dishwasher. And even if you don’t have these appliances, you use SwitchBot’s special water pipes to easily connect the station to your house’s plumbing system. Even better, this Water Station is powered by the SwitchBot S10 itself, so you don’t have to worry about having a power cable precariously near some water supply.

Powerful Real-Time Self-cleaning – S10 adopts a built-in self-cleaning Roller Mop and separate clean and dirty water tank.

Because the Roller Mop self-cleans in real time, dirt doesn’t stick to the mop and the mop is cleaner after washing.

Deep Self-clean – The water outlet speed will increase 10x and Roller Mop speed will increase by 30%, ensuring that the mop remains in its optimal state at all times.

This self-draining and self-refilling capability is just the tip of the iceberg of what makes the SwitchBot S10 the ultimate cleaning tool. The robot can also clean itself while it’s mopping, spraying its unique Roller Mop with clean water and removing wastewater in real time so that it doesn’t drag dirt and stains across your floor. And, after it has finished its mopping chores, it goes back to the Water Station for a more thorough cleaning, and then get the Roller Mop dried at the Auto-Empty Station to keep it free of bacteria, germs, and mold.

Carpet Friendly – The bottom of S10 is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, and as such, during the mopping process, when it detects carpet, it will lift its Roller Mop by 7mm back inside.

Mop Raising Comparison

Great for Hard Floors – The Roller Mop won’t damage flooring, and it also effectively reduces water stains after mopping, making it an ideal choice for cleaning wooden floors.

Automatically Dries – A drying system at the bottom of the Auto Empty Station automatically dries your S10 roller mop when it’s finished cleaning.

Of course, the SwitchBot S10 is also an excellent vacuum cleaner with a suction force of up to 6500Pa, making it ideal for any type of floor. In fact, the robot can detect the type of floor quickly and accurately so that when it rolls on a carpet, it will raise the mop up to 7mm high to prevent it from making contact with the material. The SwitchBot S10’s Auto-Empty Station is intelligently designed to allow the unhindered passage of pet hair without blocking the channel. You will still have to take out the dust bag by hand, but you only have to do it about every 70 days because of its large 4L capacity.

Despite this abundance of features, the SwitchBot S10 and its team come in a compact and space-efficient design to address the needs of different households. Powered directly by the SwitchBot S10 itself, the Water Station is able to save space and stand only 100mm long and 400mm. Even with the Auto-Emptying Station, which can be placed in a different part of the house, the total space they take up is still significantly smaller than most “All-in-One” robot vacuum cleaners.

The SwitchBot S10 is equipped with so many smart features that it almost makes you feel like royalty sending off a faithful steward to keep your floor spotless. From LIDAR navigation to obstacle avoidance to customizable zones, you can let the robot do all the work without even lifting a finger. And if you get the SwitchBot Humidifier, it can even deliver clean water to that device on its own. With the SwitchBot S10 automated floor cleaning robot and the world’s first plumbing-connected water refill station, you can stop wasting time and energy fussing over your floor and start spending time on the people and activities that matter the most.

Click Here to Buy Now: $899 $1199 ($300 off). Hurry, only 828/1000 left! Raised over $680,000.